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 Time for changes

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PostSubject: Time for changes   Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:31 am

Ok ill give you portal changes time so you'll know when things will be updated.
The best fandub will be changed every thursday.
The best amv of the week will be changed every wednesday.
Best anime opening will be changed every monday.
Best anime ending will be changed every tuesday.
Pokemon dp preview will be changed every thursday.
Pokemon coming to usa wil be changed every saturday.
Shugo chara doki will be changed every saturday untill the season finnaly whitch is coming soon and will be replaced with prettycure previews until shugo chara comes back.
Bakugan new vestroia preview will be changed every sunday.
And something new will be add with latest mmorg info like on trickster online and how to guides will be added. Also were adding most chatchy songs and saddest songs in anime to the mix that wil be changed every tuesday.
And lastly a how to things will be added this will be videos about how to draw anime and magna charaters will be added every monday this will include screen shots and artwork with anime and the online mmo's.
I hope you enjoy all this stuff and i hope this help you to enjoy the site please enjoy LETS PARTY YOUR GOING DOWN


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Time for changes
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