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 Its zelda month

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PostSubject: Its zelda month   Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:38 am

Hello all it's zelda month I love zelda who dosent hahahah Thats right celabrating the game link zelda tetra tingle and every other charater zelda ever made well anyway your probly wanting to know more about zelda well arnt you well ill tell ya.Well zelda is a japanese game made in well youve guessed it japan ..Know i now you think it was made by nitento in america,well to let you know nitento was started in japan and america soon ordered the product along with alot of other countires the first game being the origal mario bros nes game zelda was actully one of the first 10 games they relesed..all 10 of them i dont know but three of them was mario bros pokemon and the legend of zelda the others im unsure of ....Any since zeldas relesed it has become one of the best selling game from the nitento company along with mario bros game and pokemon ..of course sice those game where so great dosent mean they didn't do some real stupid thing like the series the lengend of zelda or the super mario brothers super show soo ya those shows i just mentioned werent the best idea nitento and dic entertanment did but as some would say there not that bad there just...ok there really bad you cant hid that.anyway well thats all i have time to tell ya more info coming for the rest of the month along with info on other anime haha injoy zelda month dada dadadada dadada dadadadada dadadada


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Its zelda month
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