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 Gaming Wars (Statistic) (Coming Soon!)

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PostSubject: Gaming Wars (Statistic) (Coming Soon!)   Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:56 pm

In the universe of gaming, war has broken out. The baddies have formed an allience to strike down the heroes, but the heroes are also allied. The first battle was in Bern, which now has been corrupted by evil. Bowser is now ruling Zephyr, and training his Koopas to ride wyverns. But in Bowser's absence, his castle is being taken by a squadron of heroes...

Welcome to Gaming Wars, a statistic roleplay. The roleplay rules apply, so stick to them!

Card System:-

Golem: Add earth element to your attack.

Gryphon: Add wind element to your attack.

Mandragora: Add grass element to your attack.

Cockatrice: Add psychic element to your attack.

Manticore: Add poison element to your attack.

Salamander: Add fire element to your attack.

Glacial Serpent: Add ice element to your attack.

Thunder Bird: Add lightning element to your attack.

Unicorn: Add light element to your attack.

Hellhound: Adds dark element to your attack.

Mars: Allows you to cut down an obsticle.

Mercury: Allows you two move twice per turn.

Neptune: Powers up a water attack by 20 points.

Pluto: Powers up a dark attack by 20 points.

Jupiter: Powers up a lightning attack by 20.


Attacker: Mainly concentrates on damaging the enemy.

Supporter: Heals and powers up the party, while not spending much time attacking.

Buffer: Holds back he enemy, by inflicting status problems on them.

Mixed: A mix of the types listed above.



Age (Doesn't have to be exact):





Lvl 1 (Max 20 DMG/5% boost or weaken/20 HP heal):

Lvl 5 (Max 30 DMG/10% boost or weaken/30 HP heal):

Lvl 10 (Max 40 DMG/15% boost or weaken/40 HP heal):

Lvl 20 (Max 50 DMG/20% boost or weaken/50 HP heal):

Lvl 30 (Max 60 DMG/25% boost or weaken/60 HP heal):

Lvl 40 (Max 70 DMG/30% boost or weaken/70 HP heal):

Lvl 50 (Max 80 DMG/35% boost or weaken/80 HP heal):

Lvl 60 (Max 90 DMG/40% boost or weaken/90 HP heal):

Lvl 70 (Max 100 DMG/45% boost or weaken/100 HP heal):

Lvl 80 (Max 110 DMG/50% boost or weaken/110 HP heal):

Lvl 90 (Max 120 DMG/60% boost or weaken/120 HP heal):

Lvl 95 (Max 130 DMG/70% boost or weaken/130 HP heal):

Lvl 100 (Max 150 DMG/100% boost or weaken/150 HP heal):

Starting HP:

Starting 5 cards:

My Bios:-


Please help my dragons!
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Gaming Wars (Statistic) (Coming Soon!)
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